Monday, May 3, 2010

Death of the Browser (as we know it)

"There's an app for that"

200,000 apps approved by Apple ~ 50,000 Droid

iPhone, Android, iPad, and more to come

Hot debate today - browser vs. app!

Browser is push / App is pull
browser will win... apps will win... widgets?

250,000 apps = touches not typing

...millions of touches replace clicks...


  1. Steve Jobs really does a nice job of summarizing this in his latest keynote when he introduces iAd, saying that the "in-app" vs. browser-based experience between touch and pointer devices warrants an entirely new advertising system.

  2. While the advent of native apps that are best suited for providing a better experience on targeted mobile devices, is a good thing, I think, it is absolutely paramount that learning management systems and miscellaneous Teaching & Learning Technology tools and systems remain focused and committed to delivering the best possible Web Accessible browser and platform-independent experience.

    Device-specific mobile apps are great; they certainly make a good option, but they should not undermine the importance of the Web experience. We don't want to start building new digital divides nor walled gardens based on the availability and affordability of native mobile apps. The Web-based experience should remain the Number 1 priority.