Monday, May 3, 2010

Where is the Power Point?

We are using a "presentation blog"


  • Paper-Centric
  • Static and singular
  • Serial - not scrollable
  • Non-Interactive

Interactive worldwide presentations!

Blogs, Nings and Other 2.0 formats

  • Web-Native
  • Active-Simple Updating
  • Interactive (open to comments)
  • Syndicated instantly via RSS

Power and Reach of the Blogosphere

Blogs began in 1997 = a cornerstone of Web 2.0

Two new blogs are created every second!
  • A culture of blogs - the blogosphere
  • Hyperlinks in each title of this blog
  • Micro-blog example is Twitter!

Interactive - engaging - Web native - 2.0 social

Blogger-based blogs -- click on titles for hyperlink to resources

Using that mini-ning-thing

Ning is a ready-made mini-LMS platform
Great for both presentation & discussion

Developed by Marc Andreesen (!)

Groups - Forums - Video - Images - Polls - More

What do apps and nings mean for the LMS?

FB It - Tweet it!

Facebook - 400,000,000 ~Twitter - 105,779,710

Will the iPad change m-learning?

Rutgers releases Business Classes on iPad platform

Death of the Browser (as we know it)

"There's an app for that"

200,000 apps approved by Apple ~ 50,000 Droid

iPhone, Android, iPad, and more to come

Hot debate today - browser vs. app!

Browser is push / App is pull
browser will win... apps will win... widgets?

250,000 apps = touches not typing

...millions of touches replace clicks...

Apps in Education

How does the move to apps affect learning?

Reduce browser-based security vulnerabilities
Resources available in mobile modes

Where is this leading us in the future?

Creating custom learning environments

50 pages of Apps for Education - Jane Hart

Ultimate Collaboration Tool for Education

You knew I would get here eventually!

A wiki-based synchronous/asynchronous platform for multi-media rich collaboration.

Google Wave ~ "better than sliced bread!"
  • Group projects
  • Class collaborations
  • Intra-institutional (Bio & Phi)
  • Inter-institutional (IT Sligo & UIS)
  • Breaking out of the LMS